Skilled immigrants (Express Entry)

Skilled immigrants are chosen as permanent residents based on their ability to settle in Canada and take part in economy. They are assessed on

    • English and/or French language skills,
    • education,
    • work experience, and
    • other factors that have been shown to help newcomers prosper in Canada.

Under Express Entry, people will first fill out an online profile that includes their language test scores, their Educational Credential Assessment
(if they need one) and outlines their work experience. There is no cost to complete and submit an Express Entry profile.

Based on their profiles, candidates will be ranked against others in a pool. On a regular basis, CIC will issue invite top candidates from the pool to
apply for permanent residence. Only those who get an Invitation to Apply from CIC will be able to apply.

Under this new system, most complete applications will be processed in six months or less.

You must use Express Entry if you want to apply:

Your first step is to become a candidate in the Express Entry pool. For an assessment of your qualifications, please complete our Preliminary Assessment Questionnaire