Provincial Nominee Program:


Certain programs provide an option for Canadian provinces to select immigrants based upon the provinces priorities. The Provincial Nominee Programs are often designed to fill critical skills shortages, or to provide for immigrants who will be starting up, or investing in businesses in specific provinces in Canada.

Refer to the table below to compare these programs and learn which is best suited to your circumstances.

Province Personal Net Worth Investment required

British Columbia: Vancouver & Abbotsford

$600,000 $200.000
Saskatchewan $500,000

$300,000 in Saskatoon or
Regina OR $200,000 in any other community

Manitoba $500,000 $250,000 Capital Region. $150,000 outside of Capital Region
Ontario $800,000 Greater Toronto area. $400,000 outside the GTA Within GTA, $600,000. Outside GTA, $200,000
New Brunswick $600,000 $125,000
Prince Edward $600,000 $150,000
Nova Scotia $600,000 $150,000
Northwest Territories $500,000 in the city of Yellowknife. $250,000 outside of Yellowknife $300,000 in the city of Yellowknife. $150,000 outside of Yellowknife
Yukon $500,000 $300,000

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