Bulgaria / EU residency

There are several key advantages to becoming a Bulgarian resident, and hence part of the European Union:

EU membership and NATO membership

 Macroeconomic and financial stability

 EUs most favourable taxes:

o Flat 10% corporate income tax

o Flat 10% personal income tax

 0% in high-unemployment areas

 Europes lowest operational costs

Well-educated and highly-skilled labour force

22% of population holds university degree

 Government support for priority investment projects

Linking Europe and Asia


  • Qualifications:

    Investment of 1,000,000BGN (511,292) for a five-year period in Government Bond Portfolio, guaranteed and secured by the government, which will be returned to investor, without accrued interest OR payment of 180,000, which will not be returned at the end of five-year term and no further payment is required.

  • Application Process:

    The application can take up to 12 months. Once the preliminary documents are submitted, there are two trips to be made to Bulgarian Consulate for document signing and application for Visa D. Once Visa D is granted, the applicant must take two trips to Bulgaria and also submit necessary application forms to receive residency. After the Main Applicant has received Bulgarian identification documents, he/she can apply for dependents. Each dependent will need to make two trips to Bulgaria. The process will take approximately three months.

    For more information and assessment of your qualifications, please complete our Investor Client Assessment form.