New Brunswick PNP Business Applicants:

Note: This streamis currently suspended

To qualify as a New Brunswick Business Nominee, the applicant must be willing to establish a business in New Brunswick, must score at least 50 points on a self-assessment (age, education, business experience, language ability, and adaptability), and must:

  • Be willing to sign an agreement to settle permanently in New Brunswick;
  • Have previous management experience as a senior executive and/or business owner;
  • Have a personal net worth of at least $300,000 CAD;
  • Have sufficient funds to finance the planned business venture and to support their family for a period of up to two years;
  • Participate in the business in an active managerial role;
  • Complete an exploratory visit to New Brunswick;
  • Have an approved business plan or business proposal;
  • Make a CDN $75,000.00 conditionally refundable deposit; and
  • Be able to speak English and/or French, and if not, prepared to take intensive language lessons prior to being nominated.